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Trip Back Update

WOW! We are half way through the trip. How did that happen? It has flown by. So crazy.

On our way out of Canton we went to Monument Park to see the McKinley Memorial. It seemed to take forever to get out of town. I don’t even really remember why. LOL.

We stopped in Indiana for me to say goodbye to my grandma. We spent the night with her and were treated to my favorite dinner and dessert. Jojo came down from Chicago to hang with us as we talked, laughed and ate. Read the rest of this entry


Time Away

To get away from all the insanity that is my life right now, I am heading west young man.

For the next two weeks I will be broadcasting directly from Southern California. I can’t wait. I need to see my peeps, the beach and eat delicious food. It’s gonna be awesome.

I am so grateful for this time. I am trying not too overplan it, just be flexible and schedule lots of downtime to think, write, take pictures and just be still. We’ll see how it goes.

Stranded at the Airport

We were supposed to have departed CLE at 6:55 p.m. Yes, that was plan. Over six hours later we leave.

First, we had no plane. Seems there was a delay in Minneapolis, where our plane was connecting. Two hours later it arrives in Cleveland. If we left at 8:55 we could have still been at O’Hare at a decent hour, but no, we couldn’t leave yet.

Problem now? No pilot. Seems the airline, according to FAA regulations, release the pilot after so many hours to make sure he doesn’t spend too many hours on duty or something to that effect. I’m grateful for sober, alert pilots I am. But I also think they should be able to troubleshoot these things more effectively. Why do they not have pilots on call? When our plane was first delayed they could have been calling for back-up knowing how long the pilot had been in the air at that point. Shouldn’t there be a spreadsheet somewhere tracking these things?

So even though we could see our plane on the tarmac, it was a no go. We had no pilot. At this point I had been waiting for almost four hours to make the one hour flight to Chicago. It would have only taken me six hours to drive. I could almost be there by now.

People start to abandon hope and reschedule for the next day, but I’m not driving the 1.5 hours back to Canton just to come back the next day. I stubbornly stay put. Finally almost five hours after our scheduled departure the airline trucks out some complementary drinks and peanuts, since all the shops are now closed. With half the number of passengers we are hunkered down for the wait.

Finally they announce that they have found us a pilot to much delight in the gate area. We board at midnight and take off at 12:30 a.m. We don’t arrive until almost 2 a.m. Yikes. What a long night.

I’m glad to finally be in Chicago with Joey and ready for a great weekend. I feel like after this kind of beginning is an auspicious and ominous sign. We’ll see.

Red Eye

I think overnight flights are called Red Eye’s because when you get off you have red eyes. I think they purposefully save all cranky babies, smelly people, and arm rest hoggers for these late flights. Last night on my trip from LAX to Ohio I experienced all of the above and I had the privilege to be on an aisle seat so my arm could be hammered every time anyone walked by and by the drink cart. It was also my joy and privilege to get up every five minutes so the smelly man next to me with the infinitesimal bladder could get up to pee. It was a lovely overnight flight climaxing with the screaming baby. Overall it was great!!I can usually sleep anywhere – standing up, sitting down, laying down, resting against the wall, in the car, on a train, on the bus – but not last night. I couldn’t sleep to save my life. Maybe its more of the insomnia that I was plagued with last week. Again, I wanted to be tired. I tried to be tired. I was longing to be tired, but even with the neck pillow and ear plugs I couldn’t get to sleep.

But alas after 10 hours of travel I finally made it to my parent’s house. It’s good to be with my favorite family members.

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