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My brother recently got me an iPhone, because he loves me and as a thank you for all the help with the children. I am so excited to have it. I am excited to abandon my perfectly functional yet “dumb” phone for this awesome, yet soon-to-be-outdated iPhone 4.

One of the best features of it is the ability to stay and be so connected to everyone. I can check-in places on yelp and Facebook. I can update my status and post photos. It is so fun. I love being able to carry my music everywhere. I am no longer embarrassed to use my phone.

I am also hoping it will help me blog more. I downloaded the wordpress app and am hoping It will help me not to feel obligated to write novels or wait for giant inspiration and instead be happy with small inspirations to share. We will see.

In the mean time I’m going to go download some more apps.