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What I Want to Be When I Grow Up?

I have struggled to find a career I am passionate about since I graduated from college.

I have a B.A. in journalism I knew I wasn’t going to use, in the traditional way. I stumbled into a career in marketing, at which I’m very proficient but don’t really count myself on a definite career track. I also have a master’s degree I don’t presently use. It’s all a hodge-podge, mish-mash of experience, industry and skills. How it all fits together, I have no idea.

I know at work I enjoy a challenge, creativity, time to work alone, and working on something I believe in. I can’t have just a job. I have to feel motivated by the product or cause at hand. Yet, this is all very vague and lacking in a specific direction, vocation or industry.

So what do I want to be when I grow up? I honestly don’t know. I feel like I could do a myriad of things. So what makes a job satisfying, maybe its more than the tasks. I know environment counts for a lot. The people you work with are a huge factor. But in this economy can you afford to be choosy? Or do you have to take what comes your way? I have to believe it does matter that there are still career dreams to be fulfilled.

In this “down” time while I’m helping my dad and watching my nephews I have decided to explore my options, my heart and try to figure out what’s next in my life. What do I want to be? Where do I want to be? Who do I want to be?

All big lofty questions and perhaps a bit rhetorical. But I need to get focused on my life and what I want to be instead of getting lost in other people’s dreams, ambitions and needs. Some of this feels a bit selfish. But I don’t want to wake up in six years, when I’m 40, wondering what the hell I’m doing still babysitting my nephews.

Rather than just fall into something else I want to be a little more deliberate this time. Maybe I know myself a bit better this time around. I hope I’ve learned something about myself in the last 16 years, since I last addressed this topic at 18. So I’m going to explore personality, interests, passions, and long-lost dreams to try and figure it all out.


Single Importance

Is family too exalted in today’s society? Has having a family become next to godliness? Is this the mentality that makes singles feel isolated and unimportant in church today?

Rodney Clapp, author of Families at the Crossroads, Beyond traditional Modern Options believes so.

Most churches treat their singles ministries as little more than sanctified substitutes for singles bars. (Clapp, 89)

I can attest to that fact. I stopped attending our single’s service when we started to sponsor single’s dances in conjunction with other local churches. Why should I go to the sanctuary to awkwardly mingle and try to dance to the Backstreet Boys? Don’t we avoid bars becaues we’re tired of that scene why bring it into the church?

A right understanding and practice of singleness is crucial to the health of the Christian family – especially in a postmodern world. (Clapp, 89)

We live in a world of choices, sometimes its almost paralizing and we have no idea what to choose.  In the grocery story the other day the roommate pointed of that there are 18 different kind of mustard. So do we settle for routine and ambivalence because we have no help or training in how to choose what is best for us in a given situation or for our life?

"All kinds of things we are free from – but we have little to say about what we are free for."

Clapp says that in this era of choice the witness of Christian singles is the cornerstone of expressing true Christian freedom. Ooh, I never looked at it like that. In Christ’s death, resurrection and ushering in of the Kingdom of heaven tells us that marital status doesn’t matter. Really?

This requires a kingdom understanding of singleness and sexuality disovered in community.

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