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Early Christmas Request

It’s only 103 shopping days until Christmas.

That’s right, it’s time to starting being nice instead of naughty. It’s also the time to help your friends and family figure out what to get you. Start dropping big hints, throwing out things you’d like to have. I really want to avoid the pain and frustration of wandering around the mall of last year.

So I have a suggestion – start your amazon wish list now. That’s right, whenever you think of something you’d like to have and wouldn’t rush out to purchase for yourself, add it to your list, it really isn’t that hard. Then you can be pleasantly surprised by getting things you like and want.

Now we all know that Christmas isn’t about presents, so maybe start letting people know what charities you like or would want to support.

Perhaps you’d like a membership to a professional organization or there is a museum you like to frequent. Starting being more vocal. It’s all about communication.

Help them help you.

Help me stay sane


Christmas Coordination

I called my Dad today while he was at the mall. He couldn’t talk he was fighting some old man for the last overcoat in his size so I talked to my sister-in-law – just kidding. But seriously, I had to coordinate presents for Mikey and Jordy. I wanted to make sure that we were all synchronized so they have a great Christmas.

I’ve decided that I’m going buy all my presents online and have them shipped to Ohio, that way I don’t have too carry them. Coordinating presents is serious business. See Mikey wants a PS2, games and a race track. Jordy wants a Care Bear and hot wheels. My brother is perturbed that his precious baby boy wants a Care Bear. When Mike told him that Care Bears are for girls he said – Dad, I want the blue one. I think its hysterical, so of course I’m going to buy it. That right there is the glory of being an Aunt.

While Mikey was writing his letter to Santa he asked his mom if Santa had his own Toys-R-Us. Not quite, Santa has helpers called Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Marti. But I love seeing their little faces so excited. Mikey is now into the actual gifts, Jordy just loves the spirit of it all, the excitement, the wrapping paper, and the boxes.

I’m trying not to get them too many gifts that they have to share. I hated that as a kid. Then again, my only sibling was a boy. Maybe if I had a sister they would have gotten us the Barbie dream house, instead we shared games and other non-gender items.

I don’t think I ever realized as a kid the coordination that it takes to pull off Christmas. We are making lists and checking them twice not to see who is naughty or nice but to make sure that we don’t duplicate or over buy. We’re trying to keep a semblance of what Christmas is really all about for the boys. And we have to contend with the fact that there is King’s Day to buy for as well. See in Mexico, kids don’t get many presents on Christmas, but instead on the 6th of January, the day the three wise men took gifts to baby Jesus kids get presents. So we have to balance between the two.

I’ve decided that to give them some perspective I’m going to have them pick something out of the World Vision gift catalog to send something to a needy kid. Then maybe it will instill an appreciate for what they have and also to begin to sow the seeds of helping others.