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Dreams of Bathrooms

I have had several dreams about bathrooms over the past couple of weeks.

The first dream is that I desperately have to go to the bathroom, while out and about in public, but can’t find a clean stall. I am going from bathroom to bathroom, which have lots of stalls but they are all incredibly dirty. And I mean yuck. Think of going to the bathroom in TJ dirty. Gross. Finally I just wake up. Dream Moods has an interesting interpretation. Basically, it says that it’s about letting go of a relationship that has run its course, hmmmm….

The second one is that the bathroom floods. Only the bathroom. The water does not extend beyond the bathroom. Then I call someone in to look at it and we discover that its because there are bits of red balloon in the toilet. How bizarre is that?

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Dream of Clean Refrigerators

I could not sleep last night to save my life. I laid there forever, then I gave up and decided to watch some hulu. I caught up on old episodes of Bones, it was good.

At about 5:30 a.m. I started to get sleepy. Finally.

Yet, I had quite the productive night’s sleep in dreamland.

I dreamed that I was at my grandpa’s house. Now he died in 2006, but in my dream he was alive. He was in bed, but I had the feeling that he was doing well. He was also remarried. My grandma died in 1996. My grandpa was always a ladies man, so it wasn’t a shock he was remarried. But what shocked me was who he was married to, a large black woman that looked a bit like Whoopi Goldberg. What I remember most are her dreads.

Another shocker is that the house was clean. My grandpa was a pack rat. He could throw nothing away. He had closets and closets full of clothes. He always had three or four loaves of day-old bread from the bakery outlet, along with tons of dented cans, and frozen meat that was reduced for quick sale. While he was very generous with whatever he had, it made his house messy.

But in my dream the house was immaculate. It was freshly painted. Everything was organized. Yet the bulk of my dream centered in the kitchen. The cupboards were organized, newly lined and all the dishes were new. I remember opening the refrigerator and it was so clean and pretty empty. There was lots of room in there for new food.

Grandpa’s new wife and I never spoke but I could feel her gentleness and kindness. I stood in the kitchen with her looking at everything.

Overall it was a very pleasant, happy, warm fuzzy dream. I was never afraid. It was just peaceful.

But of course I want to know what it all means. I was pondering that when I woke up at 1 p.m. Then I remember a dream I had two years ago, ironically about the past. The jist of the dream is that I couldn’t move forward until I cleared about the past, all in dreamy metaphorical terms.

Now, I’ve made the decision to move on and I wonder if my sub-conscious concurs. I have dealt with the past. I am at a point when I am truly ready to move forward.

What I also thought about was the image of God the Father that is in The Shack. He is portrayed as a large black woman who comes in that form to shake the lead character’s view of him, to give him a new perspective of God and how He interacts with people.  I was so comforted by the presence of this woman. I’m not saying it was God, just reminded me of that.

So I’m taking the dream as something good. Dreammoods says the kitchen is about warmth and nurture and represents transformation. Bring it on. I’m ready for something good, warm and nurturing.