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Happy 35th Birthday to Me

What a wonderful day it was, full of my favorite things.

I slept in late. Then mom and I went to tea at First Ladies Tea Room in downtown Canton. We even wore hats and of course took lots of pictures. The tea was fantastic, I had Earl Grey de la Creme and Mom had Cinnamon Orange Spice.

Then thanks to my dear friend Erika and her fabulous present of relaxation and pampering I spent the afternoon at the Amadeus Spa. I was treated to a facial and make-up lesson. The facial was one hour of bliss. My skin feels radiant. Then the make-up was just girly fun. I learned new tricks for lip stain and that my eye lids are oily. Who knew?

Then tonight I had dinner with Mike, Rocio and the boys. We went to Quaker Steak & Lube for my favorite, chicken wings. We laughed, we ate, I got a glorious new red purse.

It was an unexpectedly wonderful day. I didn’t have high hopes or expectations of the day, but it was good. I got lots of love on Facebook from friends near and far.

Turns out turning 35 wasn’t so painful afterall.


Day 2 – Solo Weekend with the Nephews

Today was Mikey’s 11th birthday. It’s a lot of pressure to make a child’s birthday spectacular in absence of his parents. Mikey is an aloof, moody pre-teen.  He doesn’t get excited about a whole lot and usually complains about everything. LOL. Gotta love the awkward age. But its a true joy when you can pierce through his burgeoning coolness and get ahold of the 1/3 of him still a child and bring out the glee. That was my quest.

During a hearty breakfast of waffles and milk we forged a plan for the day. We finally decided on the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame and a big fancy mall in Cleveland. Mikey is a music fiend and was anxious to see what’s there. Unfortunately road construction slowed our roll and it took us nearly two hours to make the 45 mile trek north. It was funny, but the roadblock proved to be an adventure. Mikey and Jordy wanted to me to pretend that we were in Midnight Run and mow through traffic on the shoulder. We didn’t but we did venture to parts unknown to find our ways past the mess. They were satisfied with the mini-adventure and it also afforded the opportunity to car dance. Never enough opportunity to do that. We laughed and had a great time.

However, the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame was not as much fun for us at the traffic on the way up. The boys were bored in like five minutes and keep asking where the interactive exhibits were. I think they had more fun on the escalators and the giant guitars in the lobby than they did the museum. So we left after about an hour. I don’t not recommend the Rock-N-Roll hall of Fame for children. They didn’t even know who any of the artists were and nothing of interest for them.

To redeem the day we went to the Zoo, when in doubt go to the animals. They loved it. We saw rhinos, bats, snakes, leopards, lions, oh my. There was lots to play on, run by and sit near.  They even rode a camel. I actually saw the illusive Mikey smile several times. We had a blast and again we were exhausted. They slept all the way home and it was all I could do to stay awake.

We had his birthday dinner at Red Robin, where he got to eat off the adult menu, the kid’s menu is for those 10 and under. In spite of many protests we still have them come and sing. He loved it.

So it was a good birthday in deed. Its amazing how the unplanned moments are the best. I’m also amazed at how much work it is to take care of kids. They suck every ounce of energy out of your body. I can hardly think. I have a new found respect for mothers, working mothers and especially single mothers. I think I heard, “Aunt Marti” said about 9,000 times today. Getting them to bed bring a sigh of relief and a giant collapse on the couch. I am mentally, physically and emotionally tired. But having Mikey enjoy his day was worth it and priceless.


Today is Joanna’s official birthday. Since we became roommates in 2001 we officially kick off her birthday with a shot of something – tequila, vodka, JD from a mini bar in Chicago and this year it was coconut rum. This was the first year we didn’t have to follow up with a glass of milk so we could go to sleep. LOL We’re light weight drinkers. Still fun though.

I like traditions. They make me happy. Little markers in time to look forward to, plan for and anticipate. You can count on tradition, it is consistent and dependable, as long as the participants remain committed to it.

End of our 20s

Today we celebrated Joanna’s 29th birthday in beautiful Tri-City park here in Brea. The last year of her 20’s. How momentus.

What a precarious time of life we find ourselves in. You can’t get away with all the crap you could in your early 20’s. You’re supposed to be a full-fledged adult. A lot of people our age are ending their starter marriages and moving onto the next. I know I don’t really feel like an adult.

I’m wondering if the wisdom gene is activated like a new subscription to directv? Am I supposed to call someone and get hooked up? Is maturity something you can find on the internet? Is there a class somewhere I missed that was supposed to prepare us for adulthood? I’m surprised there isn’t a dummies book on the subject.

Somedays I feel really dumb. Other days I feel like Britney Spears – not a girl and not yet a woman. Does that adult feeling kick in when you have kids? Maybe that’s it. I don’t have kids. I can still come and go as I please. I don’t answer to anyone. Maybe I need more accountability. All in due time I suppose.

Adulthood might not be so bad. All the experience of age with the healthy fear of death missing in youth, so you do less stupid things. Is the goal of adulthood to be less stupid than you once were, just to prove that we are indeed evolving? Let’s face it there are lots of mistakes in our 20s that would be nice to forget. San Francisco hills are less steep than the learning curve during this time of life. The process of becoming is a difficult one. Admitting we don’t know everything has to count for something.

I turn 30 in four months. I hope my 30s is full of more self-awareness, more risk-tasking, less fear and more direction. For Joanna I wish the same. I wish her a year full of adventure and surprise 🙂 Happy Birthday Joanna!!!


Joanna said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes, Marti. I think a Dummies or Complete Idiot’s Guide to adulthood would be a best seller! I often wonder when I will hit that magic moment where I finally feel like an adult. I still expect someone to discover the big secret that I’m still a kid who’s just pretending to be an adult. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone. That always makes me feel a little less neurotic. Maybe we’re both just the same kind of neurotic so it seems normal.
5:44 PM
hadashi said…
About the 20s: I’m so glad I was single. I wasn’t then, but I sure am now.
About turning 30: Being 29 absolutely sucks. The neurosis is unbelievable.
About being 30 and beyond: SO much better than the 20s. You’re still young, still cute, and still energetic BUT so much smarter — in other words, you no longer think you know everything, you KNOW you don’t know much about anything.
About adulthood: Boy does this take the pressure off of me: I once overheard my very very adult-ish Mommy Gieschen tell her sister that sometimes she can hardly believe she’s in her late 50s with 2 adult children and a husband of over 30 years, since she still wonders when she’ll actually feel totally assured she’s a real live grown-up.
5:47 PM
Joanna said…
Wow Erika! That comment from your mom really does take the pressure off. I guess I don’t have to worry about the magic moment when I finally feel like an adult since your mom doesn’t even always feel it.