About Me

Who am I?

My name is Marti. I’m a girl trying to figure out what it all means. I’m perpetually asking questions, am completely analytical, slightly neurotic and passionate about many things. It’s all explored, dissected and generally mused upon with a sarcastic bent.

I am a Mexican-American born in Indiana, but I grew up in Mexico City, went to college in Southern California and now live in Ohio, near my family.  I’ve spent 15 years in marketing mainly for large multi-national non-profits. I went to grad school and got a masters in psychology and theology.

A huge part of my life and journey is my faith. I grew up in a Christian home, rebelled against it and then in my late 20s it became my own. I realized that being in control was an illusion and the need for something bigger than me was paramount. It was, in part, why I went to a seminary for grad school. I didn’t want the rigid religion I grew up with I needed something that felt more real and less about rules. What I found was a community that promoted intellectual thought, grace, and authentic relationships especially with God. It provided a framework where I could be honest about my feelings and doubts.  I still struggle with faith and trust but now I know God is ok with that and loves me anyway. Our relationship is solid.

I have lots of interests like photography, my nephews, baking, travelling, reading and learning from pop culture, especially reality tv. I think our lives are a story and we can learn a lot from each other. I have to find a use for my masters somewhere. I write about being single, living in Ohio, my nephews, my faith journey, what I’m learning, who I am becoming and who I hope to be.

  1. Hi Marti,
    Your description of yourself, your cultural/religious/education background, and your present journey is so spookily familiar to me, it assures me I am not alone. Looking forward to reading your blog 🙂

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