Jordy the Star

My 10-year old nephew, Jordy, is simply one of the best people I know. Aside from the fact that he’s my nephew and I’d love him if he were a lump, he is curious, insightful, optimistic, and hilarious.  He loves to play card games, soccer and make up songs. He is quick to laugh, eager to participate and never says no to sweets. To quote him directly, “I am here to bring joy.” That he does

As you can see, one thing he is not, however, is humble. The boy does not suffer from any insecurity or lack of confidence. From the time was about two he would announce that he was a star. Out of left field he would remind you, “I’m a star.” Why was he a star? Because he is the chosen one. Oh yea, did I forget to mention that is his other claim to fame. It too arrived at the same time as his pronouncement of stardom. He has no fear. He isn’t intimidated. He is just Jordy, the chosen star.

Just last week we were at the park watching a flush of ducks be chased by two toddlers. They were all atwitter and trying to escape. Six got away by hopping in the nearby lake. It was three big ducks and three baby ducks. The majority of them were black and white and one lone baby duck was yellow. We were all quiet just watching them swim around when Jordy casually observes, “Look at the yellow baby duck, he’s golden just like me.” He doesn’t stay around to see the effect of his statement he gets up off the bench and walks away. In his mind he is just stating facts, he is without exaggeration or embellishment a bright shiny, golden, star.

What is he chosen for? One day after his random announcement I decided to ask him and he said, with the same resolve and infinite certainty of its veracity, “to take over the world.” You can’t argue with that. He just might.


About Marti

After a year-long sabbatical in Southern California I am returning to Ohio to try and resume my life. Who knew you went home again to start living.

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