Abandoned Blogs

I cleaned out my bloglines today.

I realized, by accident, that many of my friends have abandoned their blogs. Some of the links are removed completely, vanished in the night and others simply stopped updating them months even years ago. Since bloglines only informs me when there are new posts I was completely unaware of their demise.

I have an RSS feeds to about 75 different sites divided by topic – baking, photography, theology, friends and marketing. Once I realized how many friends abandoned their blogs I decided to check up on all my other links. Many of those have reduced content updates as well. Hmmm…. is the hype true, is blogging dead?

Wired magazine called time of death in 2008. It says it is that blogging was killed by Twitter and Facebook, that common blog writers can’t compete with teams of professional content creators that pump out 20 posts a day.

The LA Times book section just tweeted that the Poetry Foundation was discontinuing its blog in favor of Twitter and Facebook. That just seems like an oxymoron. A Poetry Foundation that is eliminating a way for readers to interact with the work? What is this world coming to.

The face of blogging has certainly changed since in the six years that I’ve been writing one. Wow. I didn’t realize it had been that long. I started this blog at a dead-end job that left me feeling unsatisfied, unchallenged and bored. Rather than wreck havoc I started writing. I was inspired to blog by my friend Jer, who no longer has a personal blog, it’s all business. His was one of the broken links I removed from my bloglines cue.

Back in the old days, of the early 2000s, blogs were a place where the common person could throw their thoughts, ideas and experiences out there for the whole world to consume, comment and enjoy. Some got book and movie deals, others got paid advertisers and now make a living at it, but the majority of bloggers were just people with a unique take on life and blogging gave them a platform to say it. I have met some great people from this blog. Ah simpler times. LOL.

I don’t think blogging is dead. I think like most things the novelty has just worn off. It’s not new anymore. Maybe people realized that just didn’t have that much to say. Blogging has instead become become very niche oriented. You have to know who you are and what you want to say. Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, a foodie from NY that moved to wilds of Oklahoma for her own Marlboro man, has parlayed her love of cooking and baking into a book series, blog, and web site. She harkens to all home cooks. Her personality and passion help her compete with Food Network, allrecipies and other popular sites in the very crowded cooking space. I love her.

Pasta Queen competes in the fitness arena. She took to blogging when she decided she needed to lose the extra hundred pounds she carried. It translated into a book and successful web site, but she still does freelance web sites to pay the bills. She’s invited to lots of corporate sponsored events, given free products to try and has lots of contests on her blog where she reviews said events and products. But her story is personal as she also deals with chronic headache pain. Again very specific focus, very specific personality that makes her site work. You identify with her as a person.

I also love to read my former co-workers blog. She and her husband just moved to the UAE for work. I love hearing about their adventures, adjustments and experiences. It is a great way to catch up with her and be involved in their lives from thousands of miles away.

My blog? Well, I just ramble and will eventually come up with something to say. LOL.

Blogs are a great medium for true, authentic stories, thoughts, ideas and interactions. So while there are faster, shinier things on the forefront blogging will always have its place. There are still stories to be told. And who doesn’t love a great story. You just have to wade through a lot more corporate ads masquerading as story to get to the gems.


About Marti

After a year-long sabbatical in Southern California I am returning to Ohio to try and resume my life. Who knew you went home again to start living.

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  1. I don’t think blogging is dead, but personal blogging has moved not just to FB and Twitter but also to Tumblr and Posterous and the like.

    Between the personal bloggers who have gone pro (like Pioneer Woman) and the Media/Content “blogs”, are a bunch of bloggers fairly quietly chugging away for small-ish audiences and no desire for pay.

    In my RSS feed of 300+ blogs only about 80 have drifted into no posting land in the last 2 years, I moved them into a folder called “Rarely Updates” and I periodically check that folder to see if they will ever post again. Of the 80, about 5 will post out of nowhere per month.

  2. Jessie Hulsey

    Hey. I keep up with your blog, obviously. I didn’t know about Pasta Queen and am glad to know about that one. I love reading blogs…especially from people I know. It’s a way to keep up with regular life for people (otherwise, I would just be sending the occasional hi, how are you emails). And I love blogs like the Pioneer Woman….her writing really makes me laugh.

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