Dreams of Bathrooms

I have had several dreams about bathrooms over the past couple of weeks.

The first dream is that I desperately have to go to the bathroom, while out and about in public, but can’t find a clean stall. I am going from bathroom to bathroom, which have lots of stalls but they are all incredibly dirty. And I mean yuck. Think of going to the bathroom in TJ dirty. Gross. Finally I just wake up. Dream Moods has an interesting interpretation. Basically, it says that it’s about letting go of a relationship that has run its course, hmmmm….

The second one is that the bathroom floods. Only the bathroom. The water does not extend beyond the bathroom. Then I call someone in to look at it and we discover that its because there are bits of red balloon in the toilet. How bizarre is that?

Here are explanations for the specific dream elements from the second bathroom dream. I didn’t have any pizza before the dream, so I know its not that. All makes sense given that I’m unsure of where I’m going from here, am trying to find a job and am not feeling that secure in my present situation.

Bathroom – purification and self-renewal
Flood – Repressed emotions
Floor – support system and sense of security
Balloons – To see the balloon pop is about stress and unrealized dreams and goals. But nothing about just seeing the bits of popped balloon.


About Marti

After a year-long sabbatical in Southern California I am returning to Ohio to try and resume my life. Who knew you went home again to start living.

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  1. I have the same dream! Looking and looking for a clean place; usually in a crowed store or theme park. Then when I do find it- either all the doors are off the stalls, some just have 1/2 a curtin for privacy or they are all backed up- water running out all over the floor, except for one… the one looking out to the main entrance to the bathroom where everyone looks as they come in to the waiting area. Because I have no goals, and I’m terribly shallow, I chalk it up to not enough chocolate in my waking hours.

    • Ty, I think this dream is encouragement that you will find a clean place to let go of stuff (inner healing/cleansing), but your process will be visible to those around you. When that’s the case, it often turns out that when people see your process it helps them in theirs. Your own healing process can be a powerful gift to those who witness it!

      If this doesn’t ring any kind of bell for you, just toss it out, OK?

  2. LOL – i forgot that you have had this dream too Ty. We’ve talked about it before. My brother thinks its about health and that I need to eat better. What’s interesting is the day after I had this dream I sprouted a body full of hives, an allergic reaction to a tree. Who knows. Interesting though. Is your dream reoccuring?

  3. Here’s another perspective on bathrooms in dreams. Toilets (needing one, looking for a clean one, using one) can represent inner healing/cleansing, getting rid of toxic stuff, etc. Compare to the shower, which is an external cleansing. Washing stuff off of you.

    So, here’s a stab at the dream of filthy public bathrooms. You know you need to let go of some stuff (inner healing), but the place you would go to do that (church?) has done a poor job of maintaining clean facilities. You know what you need to do, but can’t find a suitable public place to do it. (?) Maybe it’s something you need to deal with in private, one-on-one with the Lord?

    The flooded bathroom sounds like something is plugging the drain. The red balloon might have something to do with anger that you’ve dealt with (remnant of a red balloon; “seeing red” can indicate anger). But there’s a piece left behind that’s blocking the flow, so to speak.

    How’m I doin?

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