Life as I saw it in the 4th Grade

Aaah it was the life in 1984. I was 9 and had the world by the tail. Or at least my brother.

I was sorting through boxes at my parents house and found lots of old cards, art projects, and elementary school papers. Among them was a questionnaire I filled out in the 4th grade. It read:

1. My whole name is Martha Chavarria.
2. If I changed my first name I would be Kathy.  (I have no idea why I wanted to be a Kathy.)
3. I have black hair and brown eyes. (Proof of what my natural hair color is)
4. The thing I like best about me is when I smile my eyes sort of sparkle. (Interesting)
5. My Mom is great.
6. My Dad is a mechanic.
7. At our house we always shut off the light after we are done in a room. (LOL that’s the most interesting thing I could think of)
8. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite place to eat is Noble Romans. (Still love pizza)
9. I like the color purple best. I see this color on my bookbag. (Favorite color now is red)
10. I have NO sisters and one brother and we like to play games like Survive, etc. (Games of survival in the 4th grade?)
11. On the bus I talk or I am quiet. (Usually it is one or the other)
12. My favorite school subject is art, because I like to draw. (Huh, I remembered it being English)
13. The subject I like least is English, Math, Social Studies. (Learn something new everyday)
14. If I were a teacher I would have some kind of art project a day. (Again, learn something new)
15. When I want to be alone I go in my room and lock the door. (Effective)
16. Sometimes I get scared when I watch a scary movie.
17. If I could visit anywhere in the world I would go to California to see my uncle Kevin. (Always been a city girl at heart)
18. Sometimes I wonder what God looks like.
19. I think President Reagan should lower taxes!
20. Jenni Fraters is my best friend because she is fun to be with and nice.
21. I enjoy reading mysteries, really all kinds of books.
22. It’s really hard for me to whistle and jump in backwards in jump rope. (Still can’t whistle, not sure about the jumping in backwards)
23. It’s really easy for me to cook things.
24. One job I do at home is clean my room.
25. I think the best age to be is 16, 17, or 18 because you learn how to drive. (The epitome of freedom)
26. If I had three wishes I would wish for: a bunch of stickers, $1000 dollars, for 20 more wishes. (If only I had gotten the stickers or maybe more wishes)


About Marti

After a year-long sabbatical in Southern California I am returning to Ohio to try and resume my life. Who knew you went home again to start living.

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  1. Marti, this is so cute and funny! I think many of the responses are so telling … as if your 4th-grade-self wrote these down for your thirty-something self for the future. Aren’t the California and art references interesting?

    It cracks me up that you wanted the president to lower taxes. Hee hee – I probably didn’t even know what taxes were in 4th grade.

    This makes me want to look through some of my old papers.


  2. LOL I know Jeannine isn’t it crazy! I was amazed when I saw the art and California mentions. I have no recollection of filling this out. Strange. I don’t think I had any idea what taxes were either, must have heard that somewhere 🙂

  3. Well dear, this proves it, YOUR NORMAL 🙂 & still inquisitive, beyond your years in thought, and crave a creative enviornment to explore. Think about all those thousands of pictures… not a bad one in the bunch. And, it only confirms my need to continue to prod you to WRITE for a living. Fiction or realistic reflections- you are a natural.

    Read or listen to this short story; it will inspire you: The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs by Alexander McCall Smith. Hill-Larry-US!! (In fact anything this man writes is inspiring craftmanship in weaving a story.) 🙂

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