Day 1 of the Solo Weekend with the nephews

Mike is finally graduating. After 15 years all of his studies are finally done. So he and Rocio flew to LA today for him to walk on Sunday. Being the dutiful sister, I am with the nephews for four days.

Yes four. I have never had sole control of children that long. I am more of a short stint kind of girl. Need a babysitter for an hour or two, I’m your girl. I’ve even had them during work hours but I was counting the minutes til their mom got home. I love them. I would do anything for them, but four days is a lot. I’m actually a bit nervous. Can I keep them alive that long, we’ll see.

Here is a rundown of our day, for posterity: we took Mike and Rocio to the airport at 5 a.m. The boys and I were sleepy for the rest of the day. Which probably saved us.

We had a lazy morning watching tv. Then we went to the pet store so they could see the puppies, kitties, birds, fish, gerbills, rats, etc. We had to leave after about 20 minutes because I was starting to sneeze, itch, and cough, due to all of the aforementioned animals.

Our afternoon activity was to see UP in 3-D. Jordy, Sandy and I loved it, Mikey did not. I didn’t see a whole lot of 3-D about it but the story was touching and cute. It’s about an old man who wants to fulfill his wife’s dream to get to South America after her death. He has a Wilderness Guide in the form of a 10-year-old boy whose father has remarried and fallen out of his life. For me, the morale of the story was in order to have new adventures you need to get rid of old baggage. Very poignant for me indeed. The animation was amazing.

Tonight we vegged some more, resting for Mikey’s birthday tomorrow, he turns 11.


About Marti

After a year-long sabbatical in Southern California I am returning to Ohio to try and resume my life. Who knew you went home again to start living.

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