Janine and Tina moved out today. Our house is emptier and emptier. I will be there through Thursday and then leave on Friday morning for Ohio.

It really hit me as I came home tonight that life as I knew it is over. It was depressing to walk into the empty condo. There is no life left in it. Everything that made it a home is gone.

I will miss Tina’s smiling face asking me how my day was.
I will miss Janine yelling Marrrrti as I walk in the door.
I will miss Tina mooching food from me. LOL. It really was endearing, after a while 🙂
I will miss all the girl conversations with Janine, about really inappropriate and personal topics. LOL.
I will miss living with peers, in the same stage of life with me.
I will miss having them to debrief my day/dates/people with.
I will miss the sense of home we created together.
I will miss sitting at the kitchen eat-in yakking about anything and everything with them.
I will miss their generous hospitality. Everyone was always welcome at our house.

We are all so amazingly different. Sometimes I’m shocked one of us didn’t die and then there are those moments when it just worked. Maybe same sex roommates are a prep for marriage. Who knows. I do know that I learned so much from them this year. I was so blessed to be able to share a house with them.

So thank you Janine and Tina for helping to shape and mold me. You will forever be apart of me and I’m so glad that you’ll always be in my life somehow.


About Marti

After a year-long sabbatical in Southern California I am returning to Ohio to try and resume my life. Who knew you went home again to start living.

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  1. It was quite a year. You are a great cook… just face it! I will miss our Friday night dates with Pick Up Stix or Pizza, Saturday morning breakfasts at Denny’s… ok I see a food theme!!! I will also miss our never getting to the gym at the same time, watching movies and shows, the fact that I could just call you at work for the stupidest stuff, your dream interpretations, free counseling sessions, and you telling me WAY TOO MUCH details about certain things. 🙂

    I love ya a ton and know that there are amazing adventures to be had in your future! Can’t wait to be there with you… just in a different way.

    Lord, keep Marti safe. Guide her deeper into your loving arms. Thank you for her courage, wisdom, and witness to so many others! Thank you for making Marti and letting her touch my life in unbelievable ways. What a gift from You she has been in my life and so many others. As she goes through this transition, show her You in new ways. Amen.

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