The Brook Dried Up

I am on the cusp of many changes, the problem is I don’t know what most of them are.

I might have a new job within our organization or I might be looking for a new job. My lease is up soon but where I live will depend in my job so I can’t make any decisions on anything. I am literally suspended in mid air like one of those commercials for digital picture making. I’m trying to depend on God and let him sustain me but it’s hard to wait and I hate not knowing.

Yesterday we had an all-staff meetings where some of the organizational changes were announced. Of course none of the changes that affect me directly were fully addressed, but that is neither here nor there.

Some key people are leaving and our president took the time to share with us four good reasons for staff to leave. They were all ones I’d heard before: stage of life, stirring of God, season of healing, and sense of greater calling.

But he explained stirring of God with a verse that I had never paid attention to before in 1 Kings 17. This is the passage where God sends Elijah to the ravine to hide after he prophesies to Ahab that the only rain to come will be at God’s hand. He is completely dependent on and sustained by God. Elijah drinks from the brook and is being fed by the ravens.  But in verse 7 it all changes and it says: The brook dried up because there had been no rain.

Sometimes God alters the course of our life and gets us to move by drying up the brooks in our life. For me that is often a job, relationship or restlessness that moves me in another direction. Maybe he does that because its cushy to stay where the water is. It’s easy to say put when things are going well. I need to be motivated to strike out in a new course and if the brook dries up I have no choice. I am forced to run to him for answers and let him sustain me as he guides me in a new path.

I suppose the key is to listen, seek God and know when to act and when to be still. God came through with new plans for Elijah. I know he will do the same for me. Maybe my brook isn’t dried up yet and I’m refusing to drink. I’m getting so thirsty and dehydrated because I’m acting like the water is gone and God is telling me – I am giving you water, drink.


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  1. another great insight. i think i’ll start reading your blog as a devotional… (insert you rolling your eyes here)

  2. I was thinking the same thing Hadashi

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