Christmas Traditions

Hard to believe its already December 2nd. My mind is consumed with finishing my degree (one assignment down, two to go) that it kind of snuck up on me. I was sent into reflection by Erika’s story on advent.

Since we went to visit my family for thanksgiving we are going to spend Christmas here in California with Brian’s family. Their tradition is to spend the night at his sister’s house and have an early breakfast and present time.

At our house we’d usually go to a Christmas Eve service somewhere and then open one present. We’d wake up Christmas morning, have a big breakfast then my dad would read the Christmas story from Luke and we’d pray as a family. Then each person would get their turn in the spotlight to open their presents, starting with the youngest.

Other favorite times at our house was when we decorated. My mom and I would make cookies as my dad and brother would assemble our artificial tree. There would be Christmas music playing as we decorated the house. That is as Normal Rockwell as we got.

I’m trying to think what Brian and I can do to start our own Christmas traditions. I guess sometimes you just stumble on them or it happens in a flash. But I love tradition and think it creates an amazing framework to build memories. I’m also an addict for warm-n-fuzzy.


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