End of Grad School

As I struggle to study for a test Brian reminded me that I only have one more month until I finish school, not just for the quarter but for this degree.

I don’t have a ton of coursework to do between now and then, but it will be a crunch to get done with our trip to Ohio.

The fact that I only have one more month in school is both a relief and a little sad. I know theoretically that at the end of anything there is a tension between those two emotions. But for so long I have described myself and identified with the fact that I am a grad school student. I love school. I thrive there. I’m good at it. Brian said he thought I’d forever been a student, which is probably true, but I’m anxious to see what’s next.

I want to use all this theory and knowledge floating around in my head. I have no idea how to do that. I don’t have a vision for what that could be. Yet. And unfortunately, psychology is a pretty nebulous masters degree. I’ve decided not to pursue the doctorate at this point, maybe someday. I don’t want to do individual therapy I’d rather get into a situation where I’m developing programs, writing curriculum or maybe God has an idea I haven’t thought of.

It’s kind of exciting to be on the cusp of something new. I know there is a next step in my career and life on the horizon.

May be the end of this degree means that I just need to stop for a second and learn how to just “be” instead of “do.” There are lots of things I’ve not done to focus on this. It will at least be nice not to have homework, be able to read for fun and I won’t miss the trek to Pasadena.

Change…aahh yes…mostly scary and yet really exciting.


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