Book Survey

Through a string of links from here to here I found a neat survey on books. I love books. I buy way to many and it might take me years to read them. I can’t pass up a sale, a good plot line or a topic I’m interested in. You can start to see my problem can’t you.

One of the greatest things I look forward to after grad school is reading for fun again. Although I do sneak in one or two here and there.

So here is the survey:

Total number of books I own: Way to many to count. I want a library someday.

Last book I bought: Stuart Little (For Kayla) The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: A Portable Mentor (For Me)

The last book I read: Family Therapy with Ethnic Minorities

Books that have changed my perspective/made me think: DNA of Relationships, Gary Smalley; The Emerging Church, Dan Kimball; A Matrix of Meaning, Craig Detweiler and Barry Taylor;

Books that I read over and over as a kid: Ramona; Adventures of Frog and Toad; Aesop’s Fables; The Secret Garden; Little House on the Prairie Series; Anne of Green Gables; Pippi Longstocking
I was reminded of these books as I went into Barnes and Noble with Kayla. I wanted to encourage her love of books by buying her a couple. It was fun to go go through the aisles and see a bunch of old friends. Books were my refuge and escape as a kid. I remember more about them that much of my childhood. My favorite thing was a trip to the library – remember bookmobiles. I LOVED them.


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  1. Glad I could oblige you with an evening at home alone. Sometimes they can be very therapeutic.

  2. Sorry. I commented on the wrong post. As I’m sure you figured out.

  3. i love books. i love libraries. and as for the most loved books of childhood, i give you the top three:
    Alexander & the Wind-Up Mouse
    all of Curious George
    all of the Chronicles of Narnia

    currently i’m reading The End of Poverty:Economic Possiblities For Our Time, a trilogy set in feudal Japan called Tales of the Otori, and more wedding-related books than you can shake a library card at.

  4. Hi!

    I’m the author of one of the books you are reading (Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome) and I wonder if you have any comments about it. I’d love it if you thought it was fab, but I am also open to helpful suggestions. I’m working on an expanded version, with a workbook. Thanks, Nancy

  5. Nancy, hi, thanks for posting. I just finished the book and am drafting a response to it for my blog but I’m happy to send it to you first. I have to say that I appreciated your honesty and perspective.

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