Joan of Arcadia and Lee Strobel

Ok, ok, I hear you.

You know God is speaking to you when you’re bombarded by the same message, idea, notion, etc from a variety of sources.

On Friday night as I was watching Joan of Arcadia, she was framed for something she didn’t do and was sentenced to community service. Things are already happening Joan, just accept the sacrifice. – God to Joan about situation.

What an interesting concept about injustices in our life. Who knows how that is rippling out to benefit other people. We don’t normally like to think of our lives in terms of how it’s a benefit for other people. We’re too busy in our our individual quests for self-actualization, progress and ambition to notice.

“So you think you had no effect? Seeing the results of your actions is not important, only the actions are.  Your work is out there, you just have to have faith.” God to Joan after the assignment.

We are simply called to be faithful. Aaahh faith, its an interesting concept, it means we have to trust in someone outside of ourselves and generally in something we can’t see or quantify. Yet often I just settle into frustration and and confusion because what I’m doing doesn’t seem to have an effect on anything.

“You feel frustrated and victimized and yet you’re still talking to me so somewhere you know this isn’t pointless.” God to Joan about feeling like a failure.

Friday was the last day of our youth conference and Lee Strobel (author of a Case for Christ) was there to encourage the crowd, to remind them that they make a difference. He told the story of a young man who was influenced by one professor that God could move in might ways in the church in 1970s, just like he did in Acts. The young man went back to his church and together with a few friends revolutionized their youth group by reaching out to their friends. Soon there were 500 kids coming, they rented buses to get there from miles away. In time they started their own church. That boy was Bill Hybels and the church was Willow Creek.

On their 25th year anniversary they rented an arena to celebrate. Upon entrance each attendee received key lights. At the end of the night they wanted to take a snapshot of everyone who had been saved through the ministry of the church and on a count of three they were going to light their keylight and take a picture. As they said three, one lone person ran to the middle and took a picture at the same fraction of a second that the photograph took his picture. It would have been unmemorable except the flash from that little camera showed up on the picture. It was a sea of lights and the one face you could see was the professor who inspired Bill Hybels to dream big. WOW! You never know how you are affecting other people.

Yet we’re results driven people. We like to see the fruits of our labor. We like to believe we’re not working in vain. Yet how often does God just ask to do something and we’re simply to obey even when we see no purpose.


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