So Close Yet So Far

It dawned on me the other day that I only have seven more classes to go until I graduate. That means I can be done by December 2005. YEA!!! Light at the end of the rows of books.

There is only one small obstacle in the way – a class offered smack in the middle of the day, twice a week. Since school is 50 miles away and it takes me two hours to get there, I’d have to take half a day off work, twice a week for one class. Not gonna happen.

So my advisor told me to email the professor and see if I could arrange an independent study class. It doesn’t seem like a major thing. I have had to do the same with two other professors, who were more than willing to help. One even agreed to meet with me while he’s on sabbatical just to make sure I’ll finish on time. So, I was pretty optomistic when I sent off the request. I was a little shocked by the response:

Marti, I don’t know what to say. I am afraid our program is not well designed for persons who work full time. Al

WHAT!! THAT’S IT!!! I was furious. What kind of attitude is that? What kind of response is that? It basically says you’re shit out of luck and I responded to my advisor accordingly. Hello helpful, next time don’t go so far out on a limb. Heaven forbid you should actually be accommodating. I got a call from my advisor like two minutes after I sent my response. He wanted to make sure I understood Al’s tone and that he was just stumped as to how to help me. Oh, I got the tone and that’s why I responded as I did.

He said the professor is afraid helping me would set a precedent for other students who can’t take the class at the only time its offered and might need an alternative arrangement. What a novel idea, being flexible for people who need it. I don’t think its possible for many institutes of higher learning to do this.

I’m not going to register for the winter quarter until I get this settled. I don’t know what to do. I’m so far into the program, but if there is no other way to take this ONE class I’m screwed. So I will have wasted a year and a half of my life in pursuit of the impossible. Granted education is never a waste and yes I’ve learned a lot, but I won’t have the requisite piece of paper at the end of the day to prove I learned something. I have to believe that something will work out, I suppose. I’m trying to stay positive. I have to believe I was there for a reason and maybe its served its purpose. I will be pissed about the time lost, but am ok about pursuing something else.

Time will tell.


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