Know what you need

Even I get tired of bitching and moaning about work – who knew??!! So I’ll turn to my other favorite topic – my nephews.

I was talking to Rocio yesterday asking her how Mikey was doing at school. She said he’s starting to settle in and make friends, but that he still requires his dad to walk him to the door of his classroom every morning. Mike asked him when he thought he’d be able to go in alone. Mikey turned to him, with all the insight of a 6 year old and said, “Geez Dad, I’m still getting used the new school and am going to need you for a little while longer. I’ll let you know when I want to go in alone.”

I’ve been going to therapy for years and I don’t have that kind of self awareness most of the time. Good for him, he knows what he needs and isn’t afraid to ask for it. If only we could all be that blunt with our emotional needs.


Posted on October 6, 2004, in Mi Familia. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. How awesome! Really!

    If only, as adults, we were more willing to hear when someone admits emotional need. I know I’m not always patient about it and have been on the receiving end of that too where someone just puts up a wall – they don’t want to hear it.

    Your little nephew can inspire us all to do a better job of asking and receiving. Bless him.

  2. Seriously! Out of the mouths of babes 🙂

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