I’m a Green Bean

Jenifer Hanen you are a fount of knowledge and one-liners. I have been struggling to classify my heritage and I can now proudly say that I am a GREEN BEAN.

It’s funny but my cousin Lacey (the irish side) was walking by a restaurant that was boasting of its new Irish Nachos. She turned to her dad and said – that is a messed up combination. Who would combine Irish and Mexican? He stopped dead in his tracks and said – I don’t know Lace, are you sure that you aren’t already familiar with it? It literally took her about 3 minutes to put two and two together and realize that Irish and Mexican can and do mix in the form of her cousins.

There is apparently some history of a relationship between Ireland and Mexico. During the U.S.-Mexican War of 1846, more than 500 immigrant soldiers, mostly Irish, allegedly deserted the U.S. Army and joined forces with Mexico. Led by Captain John Riley of County Galway, the St. Patrick’s Battalion fought in all the major battles of the U.S.-Mexican War, only to be captured and executed by their former comrades in the U.S. Army. Wow! Mexican’s and Irish beat down by big brother Uncle Sam.

I always tease my brother that he got the obvious name combination – Michael Patrick Chavarria. We even look classically Irish, black Irish that is – light skin and dark hair. The first time I met Brian’s family we were in the kitchen talking about cars. His brother Billy stops, looks around to see who’s there and says – you know what car I’d never get? A Cadillac Escalade, all those Mexicans get that car and put their rims on it, lower it and make it totally ghetto. Brian looked at his brother and said you are an idiot aren’t you. He had no idea what he was talking about and Brian explained that I was Mexican. He looks at me and says – you don’t look Mexican how was I supposed to know. I replied – next time I’ll grease down my hair, line my lips in black and speak with a chicano accent will that help you be more sensitive? What I should have said was you don’t look like a freak, but you are. This was right after his sister called me his ex-girlfriend’s name, Mandy. It was a fun night.

It’s funny, but I’ve been told that I was green before. There is a book out for TCK’s (third culture kids) that says that we are green because we don’t have a traditional culture. The country our parents are from is one (yellow), the country we grew up in is another (blue) and we straddle both worlds, so we’re green.

There has to be a lot of us out there. We should have a merchanidising line. I would wear that on a shirt or affix it to my car via bumper sticker. I don’t put anything on my car but I would adorn it with that.

I want the world to know I’m a GREEN BEAN.

I wonder what implications that have for everyday life.
1. I’m firey and passionate.
2. Hate beer – the two genes cancel each other out. Although it could go the other way that you love beer.
3. Ultra stubborn – we’re a repressed lot on both sides, having to fight for what we have
4. Addicted to carbs – all those tortillas/rice and potatoes

I’ll add more as I think of them.


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