Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are not necessarily my favorite places to be. All the silly games and traditions that just seem antiquated and downright ridiculous in 2004. I suppose we do it because it’s what our mothers and grandmothers did. I for one refuse to wait for Mr. Right to get decent cookware, a kitchen aid mixer, and good lingerie. I’m a independent woman, damnit.But I went for the bride, whom I adore. It’s nice to see good things happen to nice people for a change. I am seriously rooting for her and her happiness. I met Laurie three years ago at one of my many failed dot com experiences. She has been through the relationship ringer and I’m so glad to see her ecstatic with someone who treats her like a queen. So in her honor I learned how to “pass the cucumber” between my knees. I made a wedding dress out of toilet paper. I also appropriately oohed and aaahhed over cookware, candles and panties.

I have to humbly admit that our present was the best and the hit of the shower. Joanna and I created a “Honeymoon Survival Guide.” With such necessary items as baby power (so no one has to sleep in the wet spot), crazy glue (for any damage done to hotel furniture), first aid kit (for any damage done to honeymooners), snacks (in case you don’t want to leave the hotel room), energy drink (to keep up your stamina), wine and candles (to set the mood), colored condoms and lube (you can never be too prepared), a cop/perp kit (cause role play is fun), and a gift card in case we forgot something. Imagine all hilarity ensuing and everyone clamoring to get a peak inside the basket. It was a riot.

I suppose part of the purpose is to see multi-generational women talking about sex, relationships, marriage, and babies. You should have seen the look on my friend’s future aunt’s face when the panties came out. The frank talk of her future mother-in-law talking about how she hadn’t had any cucumber in a few years brought the party to a halt and inspired a good 10 minutes of laughter. The tears that flowed when her mom presented her with a cookbook that she had been compiling for eight years that included recipies from each guest, along with pictures signaled that a new time of her life was about to begin.

I guess those are the reasons we go to these things.


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