Red Eye

I think overnight flights are called Red Eye’s because when you get off you have red eyes. I think they purposefully save all cranky babies, smelly people, and arm rest hoggers for these late flights. Last night on my trip from LAX to Ohio I experienced all of the above and I had the privilege to be on an aisle seat so my arm could be hammered every time anyone walked by and by the drink cart. It was also my joy and privilege to get up every five minutes so the smelly man next to me with the infinitesimal bladder could get up to pee. It was a lovely overnight flight climaxing with the screaming baby. Overall it was great!!I can usually sleep anywhere – standing up, sitting down, laying down, resting against the wall, in the car, on a train, on the bus – but not last night. I couldn’t sleep to save my life. Maybe its more of the insomnia that I was plagued with last week. Again, I wanted to be tired. I tried to be tired. I was longing to be tired, but even with the neck pillow and ear plugs I couldn’t get to sleep.

But alas after 10 hours of travel I finally made it to my parent’s house. It’s good to be with my favorite family members.


Joanna said…
Sorry your trip sucked so bad dude. It could be worse though. You could have been stuck at LAX today. They had two different evacuations today. I think five different terminals were effected at some time. The first one was some guy’s flashlight that exploded in his bag. The second was some idiot who entered the gate area through an exit and set off an alarm. Hope your return flight is better. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get to sit next to some hot, single guy.

9:36 PM
Jeremy said…
Welcome to the Midwest! For, like, three days. 🙂

10:04 AM
Marti said…
I think its just the nature of flying today that just sucks. But I’m glad to be here and glad that I got out the night before the big flashlight incident at LAX. I can just hear all the headlines on the news …. Flashlight Attack at LAX.

3:58 PM

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