Nepotism Sucks

I hate my job most days and I’m sure that will be a topic of a lot of my blog posts. I dread going to work and am perpetually looking for another job. I currently work for a small company headed by Napoleon that imports auto accessories.

Let me get you up to speed, about three months ago our President/owner decides to take another job, makes the import manager a VP and brings in his daughter, whose former experience as a costume designer is sure to help us beautify auto accessories. I wonder if she’ll make little shirts for lug nuts? She has spent an awful lot of time rearranging office furniture in the lobby, hanging pictures and watering plants. So I can’t say she contributes nothing.

I could respect her a little if she showed up most days. I could possibly learn to like her if she didn’t walk about like a princess and take what she pleased off of our desks. I might be able to work with her if she actually did some work. But most days she just sits at her computer for a few hours then goes home. At first, she put in an effort to at least ask questions, now she just does what she wants. She comes and goes as she pleases. We never know when she’ll be here and when she won’t. The rest of us, who are on salary, are forced to clock in and out every day, she doesn’t. The rest of us had to wait a year for 5 vacation days, in three months she’s been out 10 days. Why doesn’t her dad just pay her money to stay home? As long as he’s just going to give it to her, why make her come in? She isn’t learning anything.

Now you might be asking why this bugs me so much. Her very presence makes my skin crawl. It’s the presumption. It’s the attitude. It’s just one more example of how life isn’t fair. I know, I know, it’s never been fair. Am I jealous? Hmm… I don’t know. I guess I take advantage of the company in other ways, but I am here from 8-5, at my desk ready to work should anything amusing float across my desk. LOL

What can I learn from this? That life is good if you’re born into the right family? That I need to control my attitude and stop letting petty crap drive me to drink? That I should just let it go. I don’t know? Any ideas?


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