End of our 20s

Today we celebrated Joanna’s 29th birthday in beautiful Tri-City park here in Brea. The last year of her 20’s. How momentus.

What a precarious time of life we find ourselves in. You can’t get away with all the crap you could in your early 20’s. You’re supposed to be a full-fledged adult. A lot of people our age are ending their starter marriages and moving onto the next. I know I don’t really feel like an adult.

I’m wondering if the wisdom gene is activated like a new subscription to directv? Am I supposed to call someone and get hooked up? Is maturity something you can find on the internet? Is there a class somewhere I missed that was supposed to prepare us for adulthood? I’m surprised there isn’t a dummies book on the subject.

Somedays I feel really dumb. Other days I feel like Britney Spears – not a girl and not yet a woman. Does that adult feeling kick in when you have kids? Maybe that’s it. I don’t have kids. I can still come and go as I please. I don’t answer to anyone. Maybe I need more accountability. All in due time I suppose.

Adulthood might not be so bad. All the experience of age with the healthy fear of death missing in youth, so you do less stupid things. Is the goal of adulthood to be less stupid than you once were, just to prove that we are indeed evolving? Let’s face it there are lots of mistakes in our 20s that would be nice to forget. San Francisco hills are less steep than the learning curve during this time of life. The process of becoming is a difficult one. Admitting we don’t know everything has to count for something.

I turn 30 in four months. I hope my 30s is full of more self-awareness, more risk-tasking, less fear and more direction. For Joanna I wish the same. I wish her a year full of adventure and surprise 🙂 Happy Birthday Joanna!!!


Joanna said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes, Marti. I think a Dummies or Complete Idiot’s Guide to adulthood would be a best seller! I often wonder when I will hit that magic moment where I finally feel like an adult. I still expect someone to discover the big secret that I’m still a kid who’s just pretending to be an adult. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not alone. That always makes me feel a little less neurotic. Maybe we’re both just the same kind of neurotic so it seems normal.
5:44 PM
hadashi said…
About the 20s: I’m so glad I was single. I wasn’t then, but I sure am now.
About turning 30: Being 29 absolutely sucks. The neurosis is unbelievable.
About being 30 and beyond: SO much better than the 20s. You’re still young, still cute, and still energetic BUT so much smarter — in other words, you no longer think you know everything, you KNOW you don’t know much about anything.
About adulthood: Boy does this take the pressure off of me: I once overheard my very very adult-ish Mommy Gieschen tell her sister that sometimes she can hardly believe she’s in her late 50s with 2 adult children and a husband of over 30 years, since she still wonders when she’ll actually feel totally assured she’s a real live grown-up.
5:47 PM
Joanna said…
Wow Erika! That comment from your mom really does take the pressure off. I guess I don’t have to worry about the magic moment when I finally feel like an adult since your mom doesn’t even always feel it.

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